It’s the Easter weekend.  A lovely long one.  And I made a cake.  Just for me.

It’s a simple vanilla sponge, minimally frosted with a mango ermine buttercream made with unsweetened mango puree, topped off with some white sprinkles, in keeping with the minimalist theme. The sponge cake was nothing to write home about, I much prefer a chocolate sponge cake base like the ones by Jeannietay or Kitchen Tigress, but I really felt like a mango flavoured cake today, and chocolate and mango is an odd combination, at least to me.

No recipes this time.  While it was a lovely treat, it wasn’t a particularly noteworthy bake.

The styling, though, is rather cute, even if I am saying so myself.  The cake topper and coloured confetti are recent acquisitions from Tender Love Cardstock on Etsy,  The bulb-shaped drinking glass was an accidental find at a kitchen supplies warehouse at Pulai during my weekend day trip into Johor Bahru.  The rest of the stuff are things I’ve already owned for a while – the WMF cake server, a long-ladled fork, the wooden cake board and the plate.

I love food styling.  I’m not particularly brilliant at it, and when it does work, it’s not without effort. Some people just have an eye for beauty – I’m not one of them.  But I do love trying, and learning, and doing better the next time, and when it all comes together in a magic moment, the feeling is pretty amazing.  Kind of like all my passions – my baking, my driving, my photography.  Plus, I get to shop a lot for cute things, and what shopaholic can ever complain about that?

E has been a little testy recently – I think the amount of baking I’ve been doing is getting to him. But for someone who has neither a sweet tooth, nor a liking for bread, his support of my newfound passion has been more than I can ask for.  Lugging 5 kg of casarine flour from Hong Kong when he returned home ahead of me, accompanying me to browse novelty baking and kitchen supplies shops both in Singapore and overseas, even buying me baking and kitchen paraphernalia unprompted when he travels for work.  He drives me up the wall sometimes with his idiosyncrasies, but underneath it all, he’s an amazing, amazing man whom I know loves me very very much.  I’m a very blessed girl.

Now, to have my cake and eat it too!