I had an amazing time with the BFF in Melbourne back in early May.  We were there for four full days – two days in the city, and two days heading to and from the Mornington Peninsula.  So many highlights, so many lessons, it’s true what they say, you can’t know someone until you’ve travelled with them.  It was a lesson in getting to know each other’s deeper idiosyncrasies, but it was also a lesson in getting to know yourself through the eyes of another.  All in all though, it was a really good trip, and I had a blast.  Reaffirms the depth of the friendship – we can make it through anything, four days in each other’s faces included!

The drive was amazing, the sights were breathtaking, we drove past untamed kangeroos scavenging for food along the roadside.  We spent some time at a hot spring resort, perched ourselves on the window sill of a moving steam train, our legs dangling down the side of the carriage, scandalised a conductor when I told him I have a wife, won a little money at the roulette tables and I picked up a coffee habit whilst I was there.  It was the cups of flat white that got me helplessly hooked!

Cape Schanck was an unexpected detour – the BFF requested it, and it was stunning.  Brighton Beach Boxes was a fun pit stop – I finally managed to get a decent jump shot.  We also played pretend bloggers, took a ton of pictures and had a lot of fun while we were at it.