It’s a long weekend, and I have grand plans to stay home and vegetate.  Sleep a lot, watch a lot of TV and catch up on my reading, and do whatever it is that catches my fancy. But the embargo on going out also means meals need to be self-catered.

So for lunch today, I decided that I wanted a nice vegetarian pasta salad, and modelled this recipe after the Roasted Tomato and Mushroom Pasta Salad recipe from Better Homes & Gardens.  I had truffle oil around and used that to augment my lunch, but I realised belatedly that I’d run out of garlic, so I improvised and made it with some garlic butter I had lying around.  And the sun-dried tomatoes turned out to be a nice touch.

I like it.  I like it enough to document this so I can keep referring to this recipe.  It makes a quick, yummy one-dish meal for those days when you just feel like something simple and uncomplicated.

Yay for new discoveries on vegetable weekend.