I love banana cakes!  50% of the time when I buy bananas, it’s not cos I particularly wanna eat the fruit.  It’s because I wanna wait for them to get over-ripe in a couple of days, and then bake a cake with them!

At least a decade ago, I bought the book, How to Be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson, and from there, I learnt how to make an amazing banana cake.  It was light, it was moist, and bursting with awesome banana flavour.  But then years passed, and my interest in baking waned.  I haven’t been able to locate that book anywhere at my parents’ or my home, and they don’t seem to be selling the book anymore.  At least not at Kinokuniya.  

Still I soldiered on, tried out a few online banana cake recipes.  Some were better than others, but they didn’t bowl me over, and they certainly didn’t taste like the banana cake I used to love.  

Then one fine Thursday, this Thursday just past actually, I stumbled upon another recipe for banana cake.  This time, the recipe was quite different from the other not-quite-there recipes in that the oil gets mixed in last.  I was intrigued enough to try it, and it turned out the fluffiest and moistest banana cake I’ve ever had the pleasure of making. 

So this one definitely goes into my recipe treasure trove.  It’s from Wen’s Delight.  As usual, I made some small amendments to the recipe, my usual sugar reduction, and the addition of cinnamon, cos I love the smell of cinnamon baking in the oven.  I’m gonna be making this very often!

I have a couple more recipes to log that I made this weekend for a dinner party we hosted for E and her lovely family.  This week was hell on the work front, but my luck with awesome recipes always seems to be on a high point whenever work is kind of heading south.  Time to trade in those Louboutin heels for a full-time homemaker apron maybe…… hahaha!


I’ve been trying my hand at making pancakes last week.  And I’ve caught on to the idea of making my own blueberry maple syrup, which means I’ve been up to my ears in blueberries.  Now that the pancake craze has died down this weekend, I decided to use up the last of the blueberries to make […]

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A colleague, K, mentioned to me yesterday that she’s been looking forward to me bringing a swiss roll to office since she went with me to B-I-Y, where I bought the Wilton jelly pan.  But she’s waited for three weeks, and still, nothing.  “When are you going to bring that swiss roll?” she asked.  I told […]

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I stumbled upon What to Cook Today’s recipe for Hokkaido Chocolate Milk Bread today and decided I had to make it.  But as I read through the recipe, the idea of switching out the brown sugar and condensed milk for gula melaka (also known as palm sugar) started brewing in my head. So much that […]

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My first taste of gula melaka was when it was used to sweeten a sago pudding – this dessert is known as sago gula melaka. It is a simple (but tasty) Malaysian dessert comprising three ingredients – melted gula melaka (also known as palm sugar), cooked sago and coconut cream. I fell in love with […]

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A colleague is leaving us at the end of this week.  She’s a delightful girl who’s been accommodating to our relentless and incessant requests, undeservedly so.  It gave me an excuse to make her a farewell treat yesterday, a sweet, girly and fragrant one. I went looking online for strawberry cupcake recipe – the fruit was […]

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So today, I’m posting my first real adapted recipe for choco-cinnabuns!  I made some tweaks to Smitten Kitchen’s Chocolate Swirl Buns to incorporate the tangzhong (汤种) method, so the buns would come out extra soft and fluffy. It’s a pretty easy recipe to follow for a novice baker, I reckon. If I can do it, I […]

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