A colleague, K, mentioned to me yesterday that she’s been looking forward to me bringing a swiss roll to office since she went with me to B-I-Y, where I bought the Wilton jelly pan.  But she’s waited for three weeks, and still, nothing.  “When are you going to bring that swiss roll?” she asked.  I told her it would be my first swiss roll, and I don’t function well under the pressure of expectations.  But still, I would try, just don’t expect anything too fancy.

So I told E that I was on a mission and couldn’t meet him for dinner, and then headed straight home from work and got to work.  I found this recipe for Moo Moo Japanese swiss roll from Dairy & Cream and decided it would be a uber-cool if my first-ever swiss roll is a bovine-inspired one.  And so I did!

I got some pretty good feedback from the colleagues.  Many of them loved the mild vanilla scent of the creme chantilly filling, as well as the airy fluffiness of the sponge.  The cute cow prints also earned a few compliments before anyone even bit into the cake.  I heard loads of superlatives today, one even written for posterity!

Do this for a party, or a friend that needs a bit of cheering up.  You’ll get a few smiles, I promise.  I hope you have fun with this too!


I stumbled upon What to Cook Today’s recipe for Hokkaido Chocolate Milk Bread today and decided I had to make it.  But as I read through the recipe, the idea of switching out the brown sugar and condensed milk for gula melaka (also known as palm sugar) started brewing in my head. So much that […]

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My first taste of gula melaka was when it was used to sweeten a sago pudding – this dessert is known as sago gula melaka. It is a simple (but tasty) Malaysian dessert comprising three ingredients – melted gula melaka (also known as palm sugar), cooked sago and coconut cream. I fell in love with […]

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A colleague is leaving us at the end of this week.  She’s a delightful girl who’s been accommodating to our relentless and incessant requests, undeservedly so.  It gave me an excuse to make her a farewell treat yesterday, a sweet, girly and fragrant one. I went looking online for strawberry cupcake recipe – the fruit was […]

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So today, I’m posting my first real adapted recipe for choco-cinnabuns!  I made some tweaks to Smitten Kitchen’s Chocolate Swirl Buns to incorporate the tangzhong (汤种) method, so the buns would come out extra soft and fluffy. It’s a pretty easy recipe to follow for a novice baker, I reckon. If I can do it, I […]

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