Sleep has been kind of elusive recently. I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing differently. I think it might be that I recently went back to running again, but that barely makes sense since exercise is supposed to promote sleep, rather than detract from it.  Perhaps I’m not running far or often enough.  I’m not entirely sure.  I hope the insomnia goes away soon.

Nevertheless, I was up bright and early on Saturday morning of the Easter weekend cos E and I had a road trip planned!  We drove into Johor Bahru on Saturday morning to meet up with the fengshui master who’s consulting with us on wedding day arrangements.  This is entirely E’s idea, since if I had my way, I’d rather have a fuss-free, ritual-free wedding somewhere on a crazy beautiful beach in Maldives.  But he seems so serious about it that I’m going along with it cos it’s important to him.

But the day trip gave me a chance to run in Sage, my now-4-month-old A250, as well as schedule more than a few eating stops along the way to stuff my belly silly.We had Mok Gao beef noodles in Kulai for breakfast at 8 am, though I think I’ll stick with the soup version in future.  Then we had a mid-morning snack of prata at Pulai just shy of 10 am whilst we were waiting to meet the fengshui master.  Post-consultation, we went shopping at Sutera Mall where I stumbled upon a familiar face on a cookbook retailing at a bookshop, authored by a friend’s brother whom I first met when his sister and I were still at university. I’ve never known anyone who’s been published before, nor any one who has a TV show, so it was a bit of cheap thrill moment.

I also discovered that one could get the Sony E-mount 35 mm f/1.8 lens for RM 1,450, which is a bargain considering it is retailing for about SGD 600+ in Singapore.  I got myself all excited over it, only to discover that it was sold out at least 5 camera shops we visited around JB.  I went as far as to enquire and contemplate getting the Carl Zeiss 35mm f/1.8OSS full-frame lens, but stopped short when I realised it was just a knee jerk reaction from the disappointment.  So now, E is going to get the E-mount lens for me while he’s in Tokyo this coming week if it’s anywhere under SGD 600.

Post-disappointment, we snacked on the best KFC original recipe chicken ever, before heading over to Restoran Ah Meng for my fill of pancake beehoon aka san lou fried beehoon.  I would have gone to the original San Lou, but sadly, it wouldn’t have been open till 4 pm, and I had to get home for a rendezvous with a girlfriend that evening.  E also took me to check out his current factories in Taman Sentosa, and to show off his new factory that will bring together all 5 existing premises under one roof.  We ended our day trip across the Causeway with a final stop at You Kee XO Enterprise for the most heavenly char siew, one that could easily rival Oversea Restoran’s rendition.  It was an exhausting but lovely day with him.

The drive was amazing, but it always is for me. The rush of a brisk jaunt down a long highway is an experience I don’t get to do often enough.  I wish I did though.  Still, I’m grateful for the experience this weekend, especially since this is Sage’s maiden run.  Her first time being pushed beyond a 160 km/h.  She was lovely.